Timing is Everything

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Dr. David Rosen, the best Rochester dentist, is concerned for his patients’ dental health and well-being. Your 14618 dentist wants you to know how important it is to brush your teeth, especially to brush for two minutes each time. One commonly raised question about dental hygiene is: What is the best time to brush your teeth?” According to your family dentist near Rochester, the best time to brush your teeth is in the morning.

Why is this?


Salivary Calcium levels are lowest in the morning which increases the risk of acidic damage to your teeth. Another reason is because while you were asleep, bacteria in your mouth have been multiplying. It is especially important to brush before eating rather than after. Many foods and some drinks can soften enamel which cause teeth to be more vulnerable to toothbrush abrasion. Visit Dr. David Rosen, advanced dentistry in Rochester, to ensure that your dental hygiene is at its’ best. Call (585) 424-2620 or click here to make your appointment!


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